Shipping Savings and Reduced Spending Guide (Short)

The ultimate shipping savings and reduced spending guide for all shippers to utilize in their quests to lower shipping costs.

Shipping Costs, Savings

Understanding The Cost of Shipping (Short)

Understanding the cost of shipping can help you allocate your budget to the most important parts of your shipping process to optimize your shipping spend..

Shipping Costs, Savings

Savings Ahoy with the 71lbs Import Program

Does your business ship freight by air or ocean? If the answer is “yes,” 71lbs can study your shipping logistics to maximize your savings.

Savings, Shipping, Import

Why Weekly FTZ Entries Can Mean Huge Savings

Foreign Trade Zones were created to help America’s economy remain globally competitive. There are a lot of savings to be had if your business can create one.

Savings, Foreign Trade Zone

What to Consider When Doing Business in Multiple Currencies

Our partner, OFX, breaks down what to consider when doing business in multiple currencies.

Partnerships, Savings, Technology, Financial Health

Understanding Foreign Trade Zones

Tariffs on products from China can benefit US companies. A look at current taxes, imports, duties, and savings.

Shipping Costs, Savings, Foreign Trade Zone

Want Your Business to Go the Distance? You Need to Study Every Mile

For consumers, late delivery means more time staring at the mailbox. For retailers and suppliers, it can mean “goodbye” to those customers and their future business.

Shipping Refunds, Shipping Costs, Savings

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