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Most SMBs don't have the shipping spend required to get better discounts from FedEx or UPS. We leverage our shipping spend and provide tools and programs to help SMBs save money on their shipping costs, many times without changing their current shipping processes.

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How does our Shipping Labels service work?

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    Sign up at 71lbs

    When you sign up at, be sure to choose Discounted Shipping as one of the services you would like to set up. If you are currently shipping with FedEx/UPS, please enter your carrier credentials so that we can run a full analysis and discuss your company's shipping needs.

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    Free Analysis & Dashboard

    If you aren't currently shipping, we will go directly to setting up your 71lbs account! If you are currently shipping with FedEx/UPS, we will contact you to ensure that our suggestions will match your business' shipping needs.

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    Start Saving

    You can start saving immediately once we identify the best solution for your company.

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What People Say About Us

“We don't ship enough for the carrier to really care about helping us with our shipping rates. 71lbs ran an analysis and they were able to offer us better pricing than we could ever get on our own with the amount of shipping that we do. It's easy to save with this program.”

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“Our rep told us that we have the best pricing for how much we spend in the northeast. He was probably being truthful. 71lbs had us join their new discounted shipping program, It was a no brainer for our company; we had to cut costs, and we are saving more than 15% a year!”

Small manufacturing facility of disposable medical testing products.

“With continuously rising shipping costs, we knew we had to make a change. Thankfully with 71lbs, we didn't have to change carriers to get better pricing for our small business. We are shipping with 71lbs now and haven't looked back. It's simple & we are savings more than 20% off our costs.”

Founder, shelf stable food products manufacturer.

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