Save Money on your FedEx & UPS Shipping Costs.

71lbs services include late delivery refunds, contract negotiations, lost or damaged claims services, Amazon FBA auditing & more. Customers save up to 35% off their shipping costs. See how much money your company can save.

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  • Our services are contingency-based, meaning no upfront cost or fee. We charge a % of your savings.

  • 71lbs will automatically identify, file & fight for your company's due refunds.

  • We will run a full analysis of your shipping spend - identifying all opportunities for savings.

  • Shipping data & insights - we will present your FedEx & UPS shipping spend in an easy-to-understand format to help you make business decisions.

  • Your company benefits from our data-driven solutions & experience. We help you to get the pricing you deserve with the carriers; not the pricing you accept.

71lbs is trusted by thousands of companies.

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