About 71lbs

71lbs is proud to serve thousands of companies who ship with FedEx or UPS by:

✓ Helping them save money on their shipping costs

✓ Helping them understand their shipping costs

     Over 5,000 customers and partners trust 71lbs to be their Shipping Advocate.

1. Sign up to create your account

2. Provide your FedEx and/or UPS shipping accounts credentials, 71lbs starts monitoring!

3. Shipping refunds are credited to your
FedEx or UPS accounts

Discover all of the ways that 71lbs
can help you save money and help you understand your shipping costs.

Late Delivery Refunds

Each time you ship with UPS & FedEx, their service includes a late delivery guarantee. As the shipper, if your shipment is late, even by one minute, you are entitled to a refund!

Invoice Audit Refunds

We audit for more than 65 different surcharges that may be incorrect on your invoices. 

Lost & Damaged Refunds

If your shipment is lost or damaged, we will work your claim to ensure that your claim gets paid! 

Human-Backed Automation

Automation does the initial work, the people of 71lbs do the heavy lifting! Our Customer Success & Operations Teams are here to ensure that your claims get paid. 

Shipping Insurance

71lbs offers shipping insurance that covers your merchandise & shipping costs at a 25+% savings compared to the declared value protection of the carriers and covers MORE!

Secure Data

Each day, is monitored & verified by Site Lock so that your data is guaranteed 100% safe & secure. 

The 71lbs Dashboard

The 71lbs dashboard is a tool for your business that compiles shipping data and analytics in an easy-to-understand format. With these handy reports, you can now make sense of your shipping data!

  • Review your refunds and invoices
  • View/download all of your shipping to Excel
  • Track your shipping spend
  • View shipping metrics
  • Maps of your shipping trends
  • Set alerts to monitor specific activity

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80% ground

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* This tool is designed to provide estimates ONLY.
Actual refund potential depends upon exact shipping data.