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If you're selling on Amazon as an FBA Seller, you most likely face the challenges that most sellers face: feeling like you have little to no control over your Amazon expenses. With 71lbs FBA auditing, we audit 18 different refundable categories. Stop overpaying Amazon for your sales and put more money into your bottom line.

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How does the process works

71lbs audits for 18 refundable opportunities when selling with Amazon FBA. Whether Amazon allows returns past the agreement guidelines or incorrectly inventories merchandise, 71lbs finds all the refunds.


Sign up for Amazon auditing here.


A 71lbs team member will send a link for you to allow us one-time access to audit your account.


We give you a summary of any savings that we identify. See the refunds within your Amazon account directly!

How To Get Started

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    Sign up for Amazon auditing here.

    Simple sign-up process: Create a 71lbs account using your email address, entering your FedEx/UPS credentials.

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    Complimentary Analysis & Dashboard

    71lbs will analyze your shipping data to determine what savings opportunities you have with your current shipping metrics. We will display your shipping information on our complimentary dashboard.

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    Start Saving

    71lbs will automatically identify all opportunities & file for your money-back guarantee refunds. You only pay when we save you money.

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What People Say About Us

”Using 71lbs gets our refunds & takes away the time-consuming task of having to repeatedly go back to the carrier to get the refunds that they owe us each week.”

Evan Dan CEO & Founder Mobile Repair

”There is no obligation. You just get the money back that is rightfully yours. It's a nobrainer decision.”

Josue S, VP Supply Chain Apparel Distributor

“71lbs pricing model makes perfect sense for us. 71lbs gets us the refunds, and we share the savings.”

Daron H, President Skate Shop

“We have been saving thousands of dollars a month for years with 71lbs. It's frictionless, just as promised.”

Jan Bednar, CEO, Shipmonk

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