Lost & Damaged Claims

71lbs will review each of your lost or damaged carrier claims to ensure a successful outcome. From there, we will submit the claim to the carrier on your behalf and follow up with the carrier as appropriate. If we see that information is missing, we will contact your team to get the necessary information. If your claim is complete, we will continue to follow up with the carrier until your company gets paid.

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“71lbs Lost & Damaged Claims team is an extension of our in-house customer service team. While we still have to submit the information to 71lbs, they do the heavy lifting and we only pay them if/when the carrier gives us money back. The service has been invaluable for our company, savings us from losing money unnecessarily & ensuring that we don’t waste time internally.”

Robert M. VP of Operations, Auto Parts Company

How To Get Started

  • schedule 71lbs

    Sign into your 71lbs.com account.

    There is a file claim button at the top left of your screen. Enter the information regarding the shipment that has been lost, damaged or was missing contents. Attached the pictures as prompted. 71lbs will work the claim, notifying you through the lost/damaged claims dashboard of updates and completion of claims.

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    For additional lost/damaged claims services

    Bulk submission of claims or the option to have your customers file claims directly to 71lbs on your behalf, contact us by phone, 1.800.717.6263. You can send us an email as well at savings@71lbs.com.

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What people say about us.

"The 71lbs lost/damaged claims team has been working our claims for years. They get similar results as our team would, meaning, they work the claims as if they were the shipper, but without paying an employee to spin their wheels. We only pay 71lbs for refunds - their fees are for results."

CFO, large auto industry e-commerce company

"Nike! Just do it. Your team won't get the same results, and the best part? You only pay 71lbs when they get the refund. You have nothing to lose, only gain."

Logistics manager of a manufacturing company

"We used to have one team member from our customer service team working on the claims, thinking that it was easy for them to do. When we learned about the 71lbs solution, we asked our customer service manager how much time her team spent on working our carrier claims and was shocked that it had become a full time job plus some other team member time, and they were rarely getting refunds, because they don't know how to play the carrier's game."

Controller of a e-commerce company

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