Contract Negotiations

With more than $1 billion in shipping dollars, discounts, and surcharges being analyzed and benchmarked, 71lbs knows what you should be paying for your shipping. Our clients save, on average, 12.8% or more per year on their shipping costs with our contract negotiations services.

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How To Get Started?

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    Sign up at 71lbs

    Once you sign up, our team will gather as much data as possible, identifying any opportunities for late delivery refunds, then file & fight for your due refunds.

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    Complimentary Analysis & Dashboard

    71lbs will analyze your shipping data to determine what savings opportunities you have with your current shipping metrics. We will contact you to review the savings opportunities as well as display your shipping information on our complimentary dashboard.

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    Your choice - to save, or not to save

    Should you choose to move forward with 71lbs Contract Negotiations Services, we will schedule a kick-off call to ensure all of the business’s needs are address and move forward with the negotiations.

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What people say about us.

“Using 71lbs gets our refunds & takes away the time-consuming task of having to repeatedly go back to the carrier to get the refunds that they owe us each week.”

Evan Dan CEO & Founder Mobile Repair

“There is no obligation. You just get the money back that is rightfully yours. It's a no-brainer decision.”

Jan Bednar, CEO, Shipmonk

“71lbs told us that they saw the opportunity to save us an additional 10% on our contract which we found dicult to believe as our rep kept telling us how hard they were working for us. Turned out, 71lbs saved us an ADDITIONAL 38% totaling another $175,000 in savings a year!

Peter Chief Logistics Officer, Wholesaler

“71lbs pricing model makes perfect sense for us. 71lbs gets us the refunds, and we share the savings.”

Josue S, VP Supply Chain Apparel Distributor

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