Late Delivery Refunds

71lbs is a fully-automated, human-backed refunds solution. We ensure that when FedEx & UPS deliver your shipments late, by one minute or more, you get 100% of the cost of the shipment refunded.

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How does the process work?


The 71lbs team will gather your UPS/FedEx data.


71lbs will analyze your shipping for all late shipments, file & fight for your refunds.


Each week that we get refunds for you, you will be notified via email.

How To Get Started

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    Sign up at 71lbs

    Simple sign-up process: Create a 71lbs account using your email address, entering your FedEx/UPS credentials.

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    Complimentary Analysis & Dashboard

    71lbs will analyze your shipping data to determine what savings opportunities you have with your current shipping metrics. We will display your shipping information on our complimentary dashboard.

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    Start Saving

    71lbs will automatically identify all opportunities & file for your money-back guarantee refunds. You only pay when we save you money.

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What People Say About Us

“I encourage our members to get in touch with 71lbs because they will make the process effortless for tracking shipments and collecting refunds when deliverables are not on time.”

Michael B. VP Sales + Business Development, SGIA

“71lbs recently helped us negotiate our FedEx rates way lower than what I had been able to do after years of negotiating. The beauty is that 71lbs doesn't get a penny until they perform. Then they get a portion of the savings, only after we save.”

Joel G. President, e-Commerce Merchant

“We knew that FedEx had money-back guarantees but we never knew how often they would miss the mark. Signing up with 71lbs was effortless, we essentially didn't have to do anything and we started receiving money, it was almost too good to be true. We didn't know how much we were missing out on until we started to receive the refund emails, it was a huge eye-opener.”

Melissa H. VP of Operations, Budsies

“We have been saving thousands of dollars a month for years with 71lbs. It's frictionless, just as promised.”

Daron H. President, Skating Industry

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