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Shipping: Take Control and Capitalize on this Vital Customer Experience

The post-purchase parcel-delivery experience has massive potential for companies to increase customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty while generating additional revenue

A completed purchase used to mean the seller’s job was done, but those days are long gone. The post-purchase experience (PPE) is now a crucial factor for modern consumers who aren’t content to wait by the mailbox until their order arrives. They want information from the purchase source about every step of the parcel’s journey the moment the transaction is made.

A white paper by international shipping leader DHL revealed that:

  • 88 percent of people want a shipment-tracking option and a notification about the date of delivery, while 84 percent want to know the name of the parcel carrier.
  • 78 percent reported greater satisfaction at being notified their order was on its way via well-structured information (an important factor for businesses to note because it means a very high engagement rate from customers open to being contacted).
  • 96 percent consider a parcel carrier’s app to be an important channel for tracking shipments.
  • 87 percent consider the probable delivery date to be essential information, while 85 percent preferred a direct link to shipment tracking and 81 percent wanted the delivery time with a time window.

In today’s eCommerce landscape, a competitive edge depends on providing a data-driven PPE.

What companies miss out on when they undervalue the PPE

It’s a big mistake when companies feel they can’t provide all the information a customer could want (or think it’s enough to leave all that to the parcel carrier). A typical tracking page from a parcel carrier is archaic and impersonal – two things no business wants associated with its brand.

A company that puts a middleman between it and its customers during the PPE means it has effectively disengaged from them after purchase. Not engaging directly with customers during the PPE decreases a seller’s chances of building that vital bond of accessibility and loyalty.

What’s more, businesses only end up driving operating costs higher when underinformed customers start contacting the source, not the carrier, for information on their order. An effective parcel-tracking page eliminates all those customer service calls/emails for updates, lowering operating costs by giving customers everything they need to know whenever they need it.

There are more benefits as well. Transactional communication such as order-related messages have higher customer engagement rates when compared with purely promotional ones – three times higher, in fact. People are more likely to visit a company’s tracking page than one that exists purely to sell them something.

Leaving the tracking page up to the parcel carrier wastes an opportunity for companies to build customer rapport and completely removes any hope of maximizing cross-purchase sales. When a business offers their own branded tracking page, however, they open a direct line of communication to customers and the chance to promote further content via an indispensable tool for retailers – cross-selling.

Premium Tracking – Perfecting the PPE

Premium Tracking from 71lbs represents a seamless PPE for your customer and a cross-sell opportunity for your business. What’s more, the Premium Tracking experience can be branded to be completely yours. We think you’ll agree that’s far more creative and attractive than a cookie-cutter data page from UPS, FedEx, or USPS.

By adding a single line of code, 71lbs can make the PPE something tailored and special for every one of your customers. Take a look at this example and compare the impact of a standard parcel carrier PPE versus our Premium Tracking. All the hard data that shoppers require is clearly displayed (as well as a fun fact or two), but what truly makes it stand out is the cross-sell opportunity that comes along with promoting other items/services your customers may be interested in.

Whether the cross-sell complements a current or past purchase, is seasonal or simply promotional, companies who cross-promote via our Premium Tracking page are likely to reach customers who are much more open to the possibility of further purchases. After all, the pitch is secondary to providing the primary service – the much-needed delivery data.

It’s a great chance to offer shoppers content that is relevant to them personally, which is a touch that adds extra value to the PPE. This subtler approach to sales means the potential is there for Premium Tracking to offer businesses an ROI that may even outperform traditional, purely promotional advertising.

It couldn’t be simpler to get started with your own Premium Tracking page. Our easy-to-use web-based tool allows you to make a fully customized tracking page in minutes – no integration required. We’ve already helped many customers take full control of their PPE, and we’d love to help your business do the same.

At 71lbs, we uncomplicate the shipping process for our customers, making it easier and faster for them to access refunds and reduce their expenses. Our automated platform gathers all your shipping information into one easy-to-use custom analytics dashboard. Drop by the contact page to get in touch.


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