What are these UPS denial emails?

You’ve probably been wondering what those UPS refund denial notification emails are all about. Here is a more detailed explanation which hopefully provides more insights.

  • What UPS emails are you referring to, and why am I receiving them?

Above is an example of one of these emails. These emails are sent by UPS and provide the status (typically claim denials only) to the main user/contact associated with your UPS Billing Center account.

  • Why don’t I receive any UPS approved refund emails?

UPS only sends DENIAL emails. They do not send you approved refund emails. 71lbs does! We only notify you of approved and posted refunds. See an example of these refunds, typically with a notification of “GSR guaranteed service refund."

If you have any other questions, please reach out to our Customer Success team @ support@71lbs.com or by phone (954) 400-7194 or via chat.


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