About 71lbs


At 71lbs, we value your personal goals & aspirations just
as much as your work.

Our most successful team members are proactive, curious, are willing to learn and have fun at work! We hope you are one of them!

 How is it to work at 71lbs?

OPENING: Customer Acquisition Manager: 71lbs is looking for a dynamic person who has a marketing PLUS a sales mind, yet is very good at creating & following processes - a very unique combination. The best candidate for this role who will be successful with us short & long term will possess the following skills:

  • Self-starter - driven from within
  • Passionate about anything that they do
  • Organized
  • Pays attention to details
  • Creative in presenting ideas & information to others
  • Has great verbal & written communication skills
  • Can create a clear & succinct message when given information to drive engagement & sales result
  • Ability to use Adobe software as well as CRM tools & other marketing platforms is preferred but not required

On a daily basis, your duties may include any of the following:

  • writing copy for a webinar, presentation, web page, blog post, social media
  • creating a/b testing with presentations, emails, ads creating, monitoring & measuring results of marketing campaigns through various channels & marketing mediums
  • initiating mail merges with software
  • uploading leads and information into CRM
  • juggling priorities based upon the needs of the team and impromptu situations that arise
  • preparing for trade shows
  • investigating trade magazine opportunities & associations to partner with, purchase advertising

The main objective of this position is to gain new customers (only b2b) with different sales & marketing tactics.

This position does not come with a manual or a guide - you will be meeting with the senior leadership team daily to take ideas and run with them.

If you are uncomfortable with a fluid environment, constant change, and no rules to follow, do not apply. Email a cover letter (important!) and resume to Tell us why you'd be a great fit!