Contract Negotiations

Contract Negotiations Service

  • Negotiating a new contract with your carrier can be a cumbersome and tedious process. Sometimes, the sales rep seems to be speaking another language!

    Even the most experienced of decision makers may fall into the category of hundreds of companies that leave money on the table with their negotiated rates.

    71lbs works behind-the-scenes to help you quickly reduce those rates, assisting you in putting money back into your bottom line.

    How do we do this? Our experts educate your company! We educate you on identifying and asking for appropriate rates suited to your shipping volume and help you reach your cost reduction goals. All without tarnishing your current relationships with FedEx and/or UPS.

    With our Contract Negotiation service, customers save an average of 15-20% on their shipping spend.

    • We make a plan specific to your company spend and the current market climate, and while better understanding your practices and goals, we propose a strategy.
    • 71lbs will have a conversation with your team, recommending best practices for your negotiating process (which typically takes 4-6 hours!). Your staff has the final word.
    • After your new contract is implemented, we provide a detailed invoice that breaks down each line item by service level. We will show you just how much you saved with this new contract on a per week basis.
    • As your Shipping Advocate, we ensure that your carriers are complying to the contract so that you continue to reduce your spend and reach your quarterly goals.

    Our team acts as an extension of yours every step of the way!