Invoice Auditing

Invoice Auditing Service

    Running your shipping operation is an arduous job even without ensuring that your carriers are doing their due diligence in making sure that you’re not overpaying.

    At 71lbs, we know that you don’t have the time to triple check and see if you are being billed the correct amount. With our Invoice Auditing service, our team will dive deep into your carrier agreement to save you money.

    We work as an extension of your team, auditing for 65 service points including service-related failures, lost and damaged packages, residential surcharges, and more! Our experts audit for service points that most shipping managers/decision-makers are unaware of.

    By holding your carriers responsible for any discrepancies in billing or their inability to hold up their end of the agreement, we save you money and get you refunds!

    Line by line, we analyze your invoice and create a comprehensive picture of your company’s costs, making sure that you’re not being slammed with unnecessary fees and surcharges. 

    No dollar will go to waste with 71lbs as your Shipping Advocate!