Our Services 

Late Delivery Refunds
Our automated system monitors your FedEx and UPS shipping accounts for late deliveries and service failures. If your overnight, ground (yes, works on ground too!), or international shipments are delivered late -even by 60 seconds- you are entitled to a full refund. The claims process is typically manual, cumbersome, and inefficient. 71lbs audits and claims these refunds for you! 

Lost & Damaged Refunds
You are entitled to receive a refund for your lost or damaged shipments! With our Lost and Damaged services, you will be provided with a list of potential tracking numbers that we have identified as either lost or damaged and file & fight these claims for you. You can track the entire process and verify the refunds on your 71lbs account.

Parcel Protection
Protecting your merchandise in the most cost-effective way possible is extremely important when running your shipping operation. 71lbs offers Shipping Insurance at a 25%+ savings compared to the carrier’s declared value program, and it is true insurance so you no longer have to prove carriers’ negligence.

Shipping Discounts
Your carrier sales reps are giving you discounts left and right! You think you’ve struck gold! However, upon further analysis, most of the zones with higher discounts you rarely ship to. We leverage the shipping volume of our thousands of customers to bring you shipping discounts that are beneficial and unique to your shipping activity. Learn more today!

Carrier Contract Negotiations
Companies leave money on the table when negotiating their agreements with their carriers. As your Shipping Advocate, we work with and educate your team on best practices and make sure that your carriers are being held accountable to your agreement. We leverage shipping data from millions of records to empower you with benchmarking information, which typically results in additional shipping savings, all without tarnishing your current relationships with FedEx/UPS.

Freight and LTL Savings
Customers spending $35K+/year in freight benefit from our TL/LTL/Freight Savings program by leveraging our buying power and aggregate supply, which results in additional savings for you.

Invoice Audit Refunds
We audit for more than 65 different surcharges that may be incorrect on your invoices. We analyze and review your contracts and dive deep into your carrier agreements to save you money. We make sure your carriers are being held responsible for any discrepancies in billing or their inability to hold up their end up the agreement.

Premium Analytics
71lbs offers premium analytics services, allowing you to see your shipping operation under a magnifying glass. You are able to organize your data to discover useful information in running your shipping operation. We provide some set reports and also customize reporting to your specific needs.

Imports Savings Program
Customers shipping ocean and/or air freight to/from overseas may benefit from our Imports Savings Program. We work with some of the largest 3PLs and freight forwarders to leverage their imports volume and offer these savings to you.