Optimize Your Shipping Spend with 71lbs

See how our services can help your business impact your bottom line.

Premium Analytics

Our data scientists have worked with Carnegie Mellon’s CS teams to develop algorithms, machine-learning models, and advanced analytics to empower our reporting and dashboards.

We take those complicated tree-based models, regression methods, time series, clustering analysis, and display them in easy-to-understand charts, graphs, and dashboards.

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No Ph.D. Necessary

The world of data analytics can be intense. Much of the statistical and data mining tooling used is beyond the scope of most of us. But you don’t need to manipulate the data yourself. We do the “advanced math” and present you with easy-to-understand charts that quickly speak to you.

Focus on the Important Stuff

At 71lbs, our analysis of your data focuses on the things you need to know to truly understand what’s driving your shipping costs and delivery efficiencies.

The Tools You Asked For

We conduct Voice of the Customer interviews and incorporate your feedback into our new services and data dashboard reporting. Look at how our Custom Alerts, Exception Reporting, Carrier Performance, and other reports help our customers make better business decisions.

Let’s reinvent the way you look at shipping.