Premium Analytics 

71lbs offers premium analytics services, allowing you to see your shipping operation under a magnifying glass. You are able to organize your data to discover useful information in running your shipping operation. We provide some set reports (see below) and also customize reporting to your specific needs.

Proof of Delivery
Getting proof of delivery to dispute fraudulent claims becomes another inefficient and cumbersome process. 71lbs customers can benefit from our Proof of Delivery automated tool. We narrow down thousands of shipments to specific criteria, streamlining the representment process and providing proof of delivery effortlessly.

General Ledger Mapping
Our General Ledger Mapping tool allows companies to view shipping costs aligned to specific criteria, relevant to your shipping activity. This criteria includes your specific inbound/outbound activity, specific cost centers, transfer costs, and miscellaneous fees. This helps your accountants keep track of costs and adjust habits based on real-time data that can be broken down and organized by specific date ranges.

Shipping Exceptions
Our Shipping Exceptions Reporting tool allows customers to easily identify shipping activity that is out of the ordinary. This is useful in identifying potential fraud on your shipping accounts, or recognizing minute changes in your shipping practice.

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