Shipping Insurance Comparison

True insurance

71lbs offers true shipping insurance, covering your merchandise & shipping costs without proving carrier negligence.

Cost Savings

71lbs offers its shipping insurance at 25+% savings compared to the upfront value costs of FedEx and UPS. We also work with DHL, USPS, and other freight carriers. 


Our easy and convenient claims process is supported by our friendly Customer Success team.

71lbs Shipping Insurance

How are you currently ensuring that your packages arrive at its destination properly? Are you paying the carrier more than you should? When it comes to protecting your small parcel shipments from loss or damage, you currently have three options:

  1. Declared value directly with FedEx/UPS up to $100 in value, no cost of shipping included. We also insure your DHL and USPS shipments. 
  2. Additional shipping insurance through a third party.
  3. Self insurance.

71lbs now offers Shipping Insurance at 25%+ savings compared to FedEx’s $1.00 per $100 of declared value, and UPS’ $0.90 per $100 of declared value.

More importantly, you will be purchasing true insurance for your shipments, not having to prove to the carriers that they were negligent.

All of this with the friendly support of our Customer Success team!

Why buy shipping insurance?

Insurance through 71lbs is less expensive – 25% or more savings! Claims are processed quickly and insurance covers the replacement cost as well as the cost of shipping.

Is declared value insurance?

Declared value is not insurance. According to UPS, “When a Shipper declares a value in excess of $100, it does not receive any form of insurance. Shippers desiring cargo insurance, all risk insurance, or another form of insurance should purchase such insurance from a third party.” The carrier can deny the claim for reasons including the packaging does not meet their standards. For FedEx, see the link. In addition, for a declared value coverage claim to be valid, the shipper must prove that the carrier’s negligence directly resulted in the loss or damage of the shipment. Declared value coverage does not provide for a reimbursement of any other fees than the declared value of the shipment.

Does 71lbs insure all items?

We have a brief list of items that we do not cover, please click here to review.

What is the difference between FedEx/UPS ‘declared value’ and 71lbs shipping insurance?

Declared value is just that – it is only the value of the item being shipped. Declared value does not include the cost of shipping nor the packaging. 71lbs shipping insurance covers the merchandise, the packaging and the shipping. 

Can I see more details of how FedEx/UPS Declared Value compares vs 71lbs Shipping Insurance?

For a side-by-side comparison, see here.

Does 71lbs Shipping Insurance require a signature?

If your item is insurable with us, a signature is required only for jewelry that is valued at more than $500.

Where can I see your Terms of Services?

Click here to review.

If I have a claim, what would the process be?

For starters, you won't be dealing with the FedEx/UPS claims process anymore. We also insure your USPS and DHL shipments. You will provide the information regarding the contents of the shipment, and the 71lbs Team will help you complete the claims form. Claims will be paid via check or Paypal.