We are proud to assist more than 5,000 customers in reducing their shipping costs. Here's what a few had to say about us.

Evan, Chief of Staff

"Using 71lbs also alleviated the headache of contacting the shipping companies."

Chief of Staff
Mobile Repair
Kestutis, Owner

"It is not worth doing this tedious work yourself. 71lbs saves time and allows you to concentrate on your business."

Kestutis G.
Document Services
Melissa, VP of Marketing

"It’s almost too good to be true. I don’t even think we really knew what we were missing."

Melissa H.
VP of Operations
Randy, Owner

"71lbs has provided us thousands of dollars in refunds. I only wished we would have signed up sooner."

Lighting Retailer
Daron, President

"We have been saving thousands of dollars a month. It’s frictionless, just as promised."

Daron H.
Skate Shop
Josue, VP Supply Chain

"Their pricing model makes perfect sense. 71lbs finds us refunds, and we share those savings."

Josue S.
VP, Supply Chain
Apparel Distributor
Jan, CEO of Shipmonk

"There is no obligation. It doesn't cost anything. You just get the money. It's pretty much a no-brainer decision."

Jan B.
Alex, Logistics Manager

"We had no time to get these refunds before. 71lbs is like having free insurance with no premium."

Alex F.
Logistics Manager

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